Customized Handmade Keychain Figure
Customized Handmade Keychain Figure
Customized Handmade Keychain Figure
Customized Handmade Keychain Figure
Customized Handmade Keychain Figure
Customized Handmade Keychain Figure

Customized Handmade Keychain Figure

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Life is all about our memories, moments and experiences, there are happy days and there are sad days.

We love to remember the happy and the good by taking photos of our loved ones, our pets and our most memorable moments.
Every time we look at an old photo it brings up the emotions and moments that are preserved only in our memory and in that photo.

Celosy's figures are going a step further in the world of gifts and give you the opportunity to remember all your loved ones (Child's, Spouses, Pets, Parents, Friends) and your moments with them through a new concept - Handmade Personalized Figures.

  • Material: We make your figures from a highly resistant and versatile material. The moldable plastic resin we use allows the figures to last forever.

  • All made by hand: The work is 100% handmade. We start with raw material and we work on it by carving and shaping the figure until we reach perfection.

  • Exclusive: Each work is 100% personalized and original, there will never be another figure like yours! Your order is exclusive to you.

  • Processing time: These are detailed elaborations that require a minimum of 35 working days to be 100% completed.

How to send your photos?

After placing the order simply send us your photos and the name of the person/pet.

You can send us a direct email here:

Please make sure you note your full name so we could find your order.

Our team will be in touch with you if there will be any other questions from our side.

Please try to send high quality photos, the more quality photo, the more quality figure :)


We only use original photos of previous work we have made for clients, you should expect the same high-quality end result for each and every order.

What you see is what you get :) making our clients happy is our main goal.

Notice: If there is an object in the photo like: Flowers, Pets, and other items in the Hand / Head / Background they will not be included in the figure.

What else can we make?

100% Customization: We personalize faces, bodies, clothes, hairstyles and eye colors of the figure that you choose. You can add details, objects, scenarios, inscriptions, etc.

Gifts for all types of events: We make figures for weddings, communions, birthdays, anniversaries, professions, sports, hobbies, pets, children, celebrities and more ... anything is possible!

Just send us a message and we will make your wish come true!

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